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At a banquet when the club returned, Aaron Champion, the president of the Red Stockings, was obviously ecstatic.

"Someone asked me today who would rather be - President Ulysses S. Grant or President Champion of the Cincinnati Baseball Club. I immediately answered him that I would by far rather be the president of the baseball club," Champion said.

Other teams began employing professional players and soon the original Red Stockings broke up. Even Harry Wright left Cincinnati, taking over a team in Boston after the 1870 season. He later moved to Providence and then to Philadelphia.

Wright compiled a lifetime winning percentage of .610 and retired after the 1893 season. Two years later the man who brought professional baseball to Cincinnati and brought fame to the Cincinnati Red Stockings died at the age of 60.





Harry Wright was the founding father of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball's first all professional team, in 1869.




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