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The sale price was one of the highest of the day: $10,000. The New York club was proud of the way it threw its cash around and it framed the canceled check and hung it in the team's offices.

While Seymour was a hard hitter, he was anything but a standout outfielder. While he had 13 assists one year to set a league record, any fly ball hit his way was an adventure. In 1908 he helped lose a playoff game for the Giants when he misjudged a long fly ball hit by Chicago's Joe Tinker. The ball wound up falling for a three­run triple. Had Seymour caught the ball, the Giants would have been league champions.

Seymour would be among today's millionaires playing baseball. But when he died in September of 1919 at the age of 46, six years after he quit playing, Seymour was penniless. Batting championships of 75 years ago just weren't worth much.




Cy Seymour set a Reds batting record in 1905 for the highest one season average, .377, that still stands today.




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