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In February 1930, just before spring training, Luque was sold to Brooklyn. He pitched two seasons for the Dodgers and went to the Giants in 1932. He worked four seasons for them and, finally at the age of 45, retired as a player to become a New York coach.


Luque went back to his native Cuba where he was a legend, known by everyone. He died in July of 1957, prompting New York Journal American sportswriter Frank Graham to eulogize:


"It's hard to believe. Adolfo Luque was much too strong, too tough, too determined to die at this age of 66 ... he died of a heart attack. Did he? It sounds absurd. Luque's heart failed him in the clutch? It never did before. How many close ball games did he pitch? How many did he win ... or lose? When he won, it was sometimes on his heart. When he lost, it was never because his heart had missed a beat. Some enemy hitter got lucky or some idiot playing behind Luque fumbled a ground ball or dropped a sinking liner or was our of position so that he did not make the catch that should have been so easy for him."






Right hander Dolf Luque was one of the best pitchers in Reds history. Here he works out at Redland Field. He was a 27 game winner in 1923.




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