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In 1946 he succeeded Red Rolfe, the old New York Yankees third baseman, as coach at Yale and was acknowledged as one of the top college coaches in the business. His Yale teams won five conference championships and twice were finalists in the National Collegiate Athletic Association college world series. Vice President George Bush was a first baseman on those two teams.

He is now retired and living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a town he fell in love with while a college coach.


Allen remains a favorite with the game-playing set. His "All-Star Baseball" game is produced by Cadaco, Inc., and Allen frequently receives letters from the game-playing hobbyists who write with suggestions and queries.


"People sometimes ask me whether I like being out of baseball," Allen added. ''I'm not out of it. It's been my life work, and I'm just as involved in it as ever, and I hope to keep right on being involved for the rest of my life."




Outfielder Ethan Allen went from the University of Cincinnati campus to the Cincinnati Reds and then returned to the college scene as the baseball coach at Yale.




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