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Reds owner Powel Crosley (far right) sits beside manager Birdie Tebbetts and general manager Gabe Paul before a game in 1956.


Cincinnati is the birthplace of professional baseball and it deserves to have a major-league team."


The Reds became much more than a civic gesture in the eyes of Crosley. He put the franchise back on its feet. Five years after Crosley bought the team, the Reds won the pennant. The next year they were the World Champions.


Several times during Crosley's ownership there were reports that the Reds would leave Cincinnati.


    In the mid-1950s, before there was any major league baseball on the West Coast, Crosley was offered more than $2 million for the franchise by a Los Angeles group. In 1960 it was reported that a $7 million television contract was offered to lure the Reds to New York City. But Crosley steadfastly refused to sell, preferring to keep the Reds in Cincinnati.

Powel Crosley owned and operated the Cincinnati Reds for 27 years. He was still the club president when he died at the age of 74 in 1961.


Even though the ballpark that bore his name, Crosley Field, no longer stands in Cincinnati's West End, he'll be remembered forever for keeping professional baseball's oldest team in Cincinnati.





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