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Cincinnati general manager Warren Giles signs manager Luke Sewell to a contract in 1950. The following year Giles became president of the National League.


"It was a tough decision to make," Giles later recalled. "But after learning from John Galbreath (owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates) that the meeting was hopelessly deadlocked, I decided to try and do something about it.


"I asked Galbreath for a few minutes to think over the matter. then retired to the bathroom in my suite and, after dousing myface several times with handfuls of cold water, I arrived at my decision to retire in favor of Frick. It was just as simple as that."


"Giles made a great stand at the end," Webb said. "Then he came into the meeting room, saw there was a deadlock and declared that he would withdraw and Frick should be the man.

    "At that point another ballot was taken and the vote was 14-2 in favor of Frick. A motion was then made to make it unanimous, and on the last ballot Frick received the 16 votes."


With Frick gone as National League President, Giles was his logical successor. He quit as the Reds president in late 1951 and he was unanimously elected league head. He governed league affairs from his office in Cincinnati's Carew Tower until he retired in 1969. He was given the title of President Emeritus. He died in February 1979, regarded as one of the all-time great baseball executives.




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