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"I actually bruised my left forearm by constantly practicing this method of delivery. But I achieved what I was after. ... "


Vander Meer's control began coming around and McKechnie worked his young pitcher slowly into the rotation. By early June he was as solid as a rock. Then came the two no-hitters.



But this is not a fairy tale and all did not live happily ever after. Vandy was 15-10 in the double no-hit season of 1938, but the next year he was only 5-9. The year after that he found himself in the minor leagues.



Vander Meer did make it back, winning 49 games in the next three seasons and also leading the National League in strikeouts those three years. But he never quite became the kind of pitcher it looked like he would be when he threw the two no-hitters at the age of 24.



Vander Meer pitched with the Reds through the 1949 season, pitched with the Chicago Cubs in 1950 and wound up his major league career in 1951 working one game with the Cleveland Indians.



He lost more games, 121, than he won, 119, but in two consecutive starts in 1938, no one has ever been better.



This framed picture was made when Johnny Vander Meer hurled back-to-back no-hitters in 1938. The box scores are in the lower portion of the photo.




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