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Bucky Walters (right) and Paul Derringer embrace after pitching the Reds to the National League pennant in 1939. They combined to win 52 games that season.


He played briefly as an infielder with the Braves at the end of the 1931 season. After a strong year in 1933 in the Pacific Coast League, he went to the Red Sox. Then it was on to his rendezvous with Wilson in Philadelphia for the eventual change that would leave Walters extremely grateful.


Bucky pitched nine full seasons with the Reds. In 1948 he became the club's manager and held that position for two years. After that he went to the Braves as a pitching coach and retired from baseball in the mid-1950s.

Bucky Walters is remembered in


Cincinnati as one of the best pitchers ever for the Reds, but had it not been for Jimmie Wilson's uncanny perception, Bucky Walters probably would have ended up as an unknown back home in Philadelphia.




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