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Table of Contents  
  The English Founder Of The Pros: HARRY WRIGHT 20
  The First Big Hitter In The Game: GEORGE WRIGHT   22
  The First Pitch That Curved: CANDY CUMMINGS   24
  The Early King Of Second Basemen: BID McPHEE   26
  From A No-Hitter To Nowhere: BUMPUS JONES   28
  A Strong Arm, A Perfect Player: BUCK EWING   30
  The Birth Of Umpires' Signals: WILLIAM "DUMMY" HOY   32
  The Pitch That Killed A Career: FRANK "NOODLES" HAHN   34
  When Hitting Became A Science: CY SEYMOUR   36
  A Pitching Trade That Backfired: CHRISTY MATHEWSON   38
  The High Price Of A League War: SAM CRAWFORD   40
  A Stolen Base That Was Found: BOB BESCHER   42
  The Father Of The World Series: GARRY HERRMANN 44
  From A Flooded Field To The Flag: PAT MORAN 46
  A Mean Bat And A Mean Negotiator: EDD ROUSH 48
  The Pitching "Virginia Gentleman"" EPPA RIXEY 52
  A Latin Temper On The Mound: ADOLFO LUQUE 54
  Lights Out For The Shine Ball: HOD ELLER 56
  Quick Hands And Temper At Third: BABE PINELLI 58
  From College To Pros And Back: ETHAN ALLEN 60
  The Long Wait Behind The Plate: BUBBLES HARGRAVE 62
  The Two Who Shared Left Field: BRESSLER/CHRISTENSEN 64
  The Great Pinch-Hitting Pitcher: RED LUCAS   66
  Who Turned On The Lights? LARRY MACPHAIL   68
  When Babe Was Almost A Player: HARRY STEVENS 70
  When Babe Was Almost A Manager: LARRY MACPHAIL 72
  When The Reds Ink Turned Black: POWEL CROSLEY 74
  The Night The Lights Came On: MAY 24, 1935, GAME 76
  A First-Base Prize That Got Away: JOHNNY MIZE   78
  The Builder Of The "Roughhouse": CHARLES DRESSEN   80
  How A Commissioner Was Picked: WARREN GILES   82
  The Manager Who Read The Book: DEACON BILL McKECHNIE 84
  A No-Hitter Follows A No-Hitter: JOHNNY VANDER MEER 88
  To The Mound By Way Of Third: BUCKY WALTERS   90
  The Kickin' That Overcame Lickin': PAUL DERRINGER 92
  A First-Class Player On Third: BILL WERBER 94
  The Backstop Who's Overlooked: ERNIE LOMBARDI   96
  A Catcher's Call And Tragedy: WILLARD HERSHBERGER   98
  The Coach Who Caught The Series: JIMMIE WILSON 100
  Lucky No.7, The Fantastic Game: 1940 WORLD SERIES 102
  A Javelin That Was Thrown Away: JOE BEGGS 104
  The Star Who Lost To Gary Cooper: WAITE HOYT 106
  The Youngest Pitcher Of Them All: JOE NUXHALL 108
  The Whip That Cracked For A Season: EWELL BLACKWELL   110
  The Man Who Broke A Barrier: CHUCK HARMON 112
  The Strongest Man In Baseball: TED KLUSZEWSKI 114
  How A Home-Run Order Was Filled: SMOKY BURGESS   116
  Center Field, Center Of Attention: GUS BELL   118
  A Swing Hitched To Stardom: FRANK ROBINSON 120
  The Man Who Managed To The End: FRED HUTCHINSON   122
  Little League to Major League: JOEY JAY 124
  The Era of the Dancing Knuckler: BOB PURKEY 126
  A Pen As Mighty As A Bat: JIM BROSNAN 128
  A Brief Stop At Second In '61: JIM BAUMER 130
  Man's Best Friend: TONY PEREZ 132
  When Hustle Won An All-Star Game: PETE ROSE   134
  "Some Kind Of Man" And Manager: SPARKY ANDERSON   136
  Five Gold Gloves At Short: DAVE CONCEPCION   138
  The Occasional Home-Run Hitter: HAL KING   140
  The Slugging Second Sackers: KAMPOURIS/MORGAN   142
  A Catcher's Hit That Wasn't Caught: JOHNNY BENCH 144
  The Best World Series Ever Played: GAME NO. 7 - 1975 146
  The Man Is Terrific: TOM SEAVER 148



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