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This book was on the drawing board for a long time. I first started thinking about such a volume in 1974 when Dick Wagner, my boss with the Cincinnati Reds, wanted a series of radio shows written about interesting moments in Reds history. I became involved in that effort and put together more than 750 shows in five years. I decided in the fall of 1980 that it was time to expand some of the most interesting "Reds Radio Scrapbooks" and compile them, with pictures, in one big scrapbook.


This book, by no means, is a complete history of the Cincinnati Reds. It is, I hope, an interesting and enlightening look at some of the colorful characters and the top players who have been and still are associated with the ball club.

The first person I need to thank is my wife Karon, who frequently put up with being neglected while I was putting this effort on paper. And now maybe, too, I'll be able to play a little "toss" in the backyard with my two boys, Bo and Mike.

One of my biggest boosters was Joe Dunn, a true newspaperman at heart. He kept me on schedule to get the book produced (at least he tried), edited the copy, making English out of a few Chinese sentences, and was there when I needed a boost during a couple of those dreary, cold February days when it looked like baseball season would never come again.



A special thanks goes to several people at the Cincinnati Reds who helped me along on this project ­Publicity Director Jim Ferguson and his assistant Dorcas Patten, and Roger Ruhl, the club's vice presi­dent for marketing.

I'd have trouble ever again walking into the library of The Cincinnati Enquirer if I didn't thank Fred Morganer and his staff for their help. They pulled many pounds of newspaper clippings from the files for my research.

I could not have written this book nearly as easily, either, had it not been for Lee Allen's book, The Cincinnati Reds. It was published in 1948 and it helped to provide me with a tremendous



amount of background information that was used. And without the Baseball Encyclopedia, the chore would have been mammoth.  

There are thousands of stories that could be told in a Cincinnati Reds Scrapbook. I believe the 64 which follow are an excellent representation of more than 100 years of Cincinnati Reds baseball history.

Bob Rathgeber

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